How Does The New Upgrade Fair With The People

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The Madden Mobile has had quite a run so far. It has been launched on the all the leading mobile platforms and is easily downloadable for the app stores. The objective of the game was to make the game widespread. I was personally happy to have the upgrade of the phone due to a few technical glitches that I was facing with the previous version. This version of the game includes high-quality graphics, superb auction house and top notch CPU.

The game has a three-dimensional graphics. None of it seems to have any form of lag or glitch. It is easy to understand the game, involving running, and team players. The game, in general, is well coordinated and understandable. Joystick controlled characters have flexible movement. On a touchdown, I found the players’ dances quite entertaining. The upgrade has made the console game quality. The graphics since is of high quality, it might affect the battery life of the phone. The high quality leads to the overheating of the phone.

The game provides with a lifelike experience. I at one point felt like I was a real quarterback, while another instance made me believe that I was the coach. The game provides with a new experience at every level. There are detailed visuals of every move of the players. Player upgrades can be made through Auction House buys or player purchase packs. There are different formats of play in the game. Head to head challenge which is a player against another player.  The Live Events section, which constantly changes and is mainly played for rewards and not for coins. For more coins, one can use inbuilt madden mobile 17 cheats of the game. Then there is the season’s section, which I felt was more like a journey towards the super bowl


The Auction house is for buying and selling players. I noticed that it wasn’t necessary for me to buy player packs. I could also buy individual players based on their ratings. The upgrade has brought in search options which made it easier for me to filter my choices. The auctions are difficult times, and I had to fight my way through to get the player of, my choice. Had that not been the case, I would have had to go for the buy it now option. The same way, I could also put up my players for auction and decide on a start price, and time. I would advise to sell the players at a higher price than they were brought.

The CPU of the game has had a vast improvement over the previous versions. I understood the changes as I progressed through the game. The season’s section has a lot of new levels introduced. The development of the games makes the interception keeps getting harder to get in the game. The CPU keeps challenging the game to make it more attractive for the users.  I firmly believe the upgrade of the game has turned out to be a huge game changer for the application. The internal improvement has led to the overall improvement in the gaming experience. With more positives than drawbacks, this game truly gives a stellar performance post the upgrade.

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