The Latest Simcity Buildit Is All About Methodical Scheming

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The most recent addition to EA’s franchise of revived computer game into a mobile app is SimCity Buildit. I was surprised to see that the game has a no hassle download and is free of cost. Visually and graphically, the game is impressive. It is a crafting game with timers. The premise of the game is simple. Some factories create building materials. I had to use these building block materials as a foundation for building more advanced items.

Advance elements are used to upgrade residences. The more I improved the residences, the more money, populationand experienced I gathered in the game. Each of these has their set of purpose in the game. Money is used for building and upgrade purposes. Public facilities, stores and money all require money to be built and for later updates.  Fire and Police stations become an essential part of the game as you progress. The positioning of these units in the city appropriately yet in a scoring was a big challenge in itself for me.

Coin collection is an important feature of the game. It is what gets the game moving. Timers while playing make it all the more captivating. To fulfill the coin shortage, I would often resort to a few simcity buildit cheats. I sold crafting materials to computer Al on various occasion. I even sold it to other players and found this feature to be competent. The other way is to save your coins for later upgrades. Like I sold my crafting materials, I also have the provision to buy them from other players. It can be suggested when acquiring unique items get a tad bit complicated.

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I genuinely believe the games strongest facet to be its graphics. All the structures are highly detailed and look great. I had full rotational control of my town as well. It does not stop at that. The game has incorporated regular features from the daily life that make it look more real in comparison to similar games. There are cars on the road, signals and traffic jams. The game is so real that many a time, I would just often watch my city and wait for time to pass. It felt like watching over the actual daily city hustle bustle. The visuals kept me engaged in the game rather than  making me want it to shut down and reopening it once the time has passed.

SimCity Buildit is though a game based on crafting mechanics,and it does not disappoint. There is not much complexity to the game. I did not find any noticeable lag or glitch while playing the game and had a smooth overall experience. The user interface is easy and comes with suggestions on starting the game. I was pleasantly surprised with the entire gaming experience. The natural user interfaces,proper gaming controls and the relaxed way of modifying the settings added as an advantage. The game also lets me get into real challenges with other players to earn reward and coins. This feature of the game, combined with all the others kept me hooked to the game all through.

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